Mixfish  llc

I am a musician with the tools to make high quality audio and video recordings.
I can write and record jingles and commercials.
I can build websites and have you up on all search sites like, Google/Google Maps, Bing and Yahoo.

My services are very reasonable and I’m even open to some charity work.No job to small to be important to me.

I built my trucking business a website.I made a LOGO and a video.I got it up on yellow pages and Google and even Google maps.Today if you Google ” dump truck Duluth MN ” my company will come up 2nd after the top  paid listing.None of the listings above me are for dump trucks in Duluth. Yellow Pages comes up and I am # 1 on there.And if you then go to Google maps I am A  or the # 1 listed dump truck on Google maps,better than I hoped and it probably will not last once my competition see it.

This is what I will try to do for you.I can not promise these exact results but I think I can get a new business up and very visible and findable online.All these sites come up right on your smart phone too.So people on the go will see you on there Google map.

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